24-hour trauma center in Dnipro

Patients visit the trauma center every day with various domestic, sports and work-related injuries.

You can get injured under various circumstances, which no one can avoid in their life::

  • stumbling,
  • injury while playing sports,
  • falling from a height or on a slippery road,
  • hitting the furniture
  • a heavy object falling on you,
  • car accident,
  • falling from a bicycle or motorcycle,
  • twisting the leg,
  • strong flexion of individual parts of the body,
  • intentional infliction of damage.

Such emergencies are always very stressful, and should be handled by a qualified specialist. After all, effective first aid for injury is the key to a quick recovery and reduced consequences for health in general. Therefore, it is important that you always have the telephone number of a 24-hour emergency orthopedic room at hand.

When you contact the emergency orthopedic room, the doctor will help relieve pain, provide first aid and select an individual treatment plan to return you to an active life as soon as possible.

What actions to take in case of a fracture or other injury?

What to do if you witness another person being injured:

  • assess the general condition of the victim: if there are breathing and pulse, the person is conscious,
  • ensure a stable and motionless position of the injured body parts,
  • make sure there is no bleeding and the person is breathing freely,
  • call for help, such as an ambulance or emergency services, or call the emergency room,
  • start CPR if necessary.

Help in the first minutes after an injury is extremely critical: it can minimize the consequences of damage and even save a person’s life. If possible, remember the details of how the injury occurred, as this information may be useful to the doctor when making a diagnosis.

In what cases do people most often go to a private 24-hour emergency orthopedic room in Dnipro?

More often, people go to the emergency room with problems such as:

  • open and closed fractures,
  • joint dislocations,
  • sprains and ligament tears,
  • sports injuries,
  • thermal, chemical and household burns,
  • frostbite,
  • injuries to various parts of the body,
  • animal and insect bites,
  • household wounds and cuts,
  • soft tissue ruptures,
  • deep wounds
  • bruises and injuries from falling,
  • festering wounds,
  • ingrown and suppurated nails,
  • pinching of the back, neck, joints,
  • neuralgia in various parts of the body,
  • severe headache and migraine attacks,
  • removal of foreign bodies.

Symptoms, which you need to consult an orthopedic tramatologist for:

  • complete/partial immobility or, conversely, unusual mobility in the injured part of the body,
  • severe pain that intensifies with movement or exertion at the site of injury,
  • paleness, redness, blue discoloration in the affected area,
  • swelling or hematoma,
  • bleeding,
  • numbness or decreased sensation at the site of injury.
  • inability to stand or lean on an injured limb,
  • change in the size of the damaged area,
  • crunching, clicking and other similar sounds at the time of injury or during movements after injury,
  • shock due to pain.

Help from the 24-hour emergency orthopedic room N1 Clinic in Dnipro

If you go to the N1 Clinic emergency room, our orthopedic traumatologist will provide primary care to relieve pain and conduct a full diagnosis to choose the most effective treatment method.

Depending on the diagnosis, the doctor may:

  • perform initial treatment of the injury,
  • apply stitches or a bandage,
  • use kinesio tape,
  • stop the bleeding,
  • give local anesthesia or therapeutic blockade to eliminate pain,
  • remove foreign body,
  • perform reposition: closed comparison of bone fragments,
  • eliminate dislocation,
  • apply a plaster cast or orthosis.

In difficult cases, orthopedic doctors at N1 Clinic are ready to perform urgent surgical treatment. Surgical treatment of bone and joint injuries can be performed using a minimally invasive or open method, which depends on the type and severity of the injury. In any case, our doctors try to find an individual approach to each patient so that he recovers faster and returns to an active life.

Our specialists are ready to provide qualified assistance at any time of the day. Don’t self-medicate! It’s better to call immediately and come to us. We will always take care of you and your loved ones.