Adamska Rita

Plastic surgeon


orthopaedic traumatologist, vertebrologist, specialist in knee and hip biomechanics, EPOS-certified paediatric orthopaedist, expert in endoscopy.

Key knowledge and skills:

– higher medical education from the State Medical Academy of Ukraine (2005);
– endoscopic orthopaedics and traumatology;
– spine surgery;
– paediatric orthopaedics;
– Paediatric minimally invasive traumatology;
– healthcare organisation and management;
– biomechanics in operative orthopedics.

1999-2005 – Higher medical education at the DGMA;
2005-2008 – Internship in General Surgery;
2008-2009 – Specialisation in Traumatology and Orthopedics, KhMAPE;
2009 – “Endoscopic techniques in orthopedics”;
2009 – “Modern methods of osteosynthesis of long bones”, Dnipro. Dnipro, Dnipro Regional Clinical Hospital named after Mechnikov
2010 – Hernia microsurgery in Munich, Germany, Munchen Mord clinic;
2011 – Spine surgery in Augsburg, Germany;
2011 – Scoliosis surgery in Moscow, Russia;
2011 – Topical issues of thromboprophylaxis in orthopedics and traumatology, Alushta, Crimea;
2012 – Trilogy on paediatric orthopaedics and traumatology, EPOS, Vienna, Austria. Vienna, Austria;
2012 – Participation in the 15th ESSKA Congress;
2012 – Modern approaches to therapy and rehabilitation of patients with internal and occupational pathology, Zaporizhzhya, All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference;
2012 – Topical issues of tribology and material science in orthopedics, International seminar-workshop, Dnipro;
2013 – Specialisation in Paediatric Orthopaedics and Traumatology, Luhansk;
2014 – Surgery of deformities of the hernia cell, Kyiv;
2014 – Traumatology and orthopedics in a multidisciplinary medical institution, Moscow, Russia;
2014 – Modern research in orthopedics and traumatology, international scientific and practical conference, Kharkiv;
2014 – BTL Training Centre, Kyiv;
2015 – Trigger point therapy, Tel Aviv, Israel;
2015 – Participation in the International Seminar on Joint Replacement, Kyiv;
2015 – Participation in an interactive medical seminar, Dnipro;
2016 – Participation in the 17th ESSKA Congress;
2016 – Participation in the conference, Germany;
2016 – Active participation in the Forum of Owners and Managers of Private Clinics, Kyiv, Zablotsky Academy;
2016 – Surgery of chest deformities, Istanbul, Turkey;
2017 – Degenerative scoliosis, Istanbul, Turkey;
2017 – Modern concepts of treatment of orthopaedic pathology and consequences of injuries of the musculoskeletal system, scientific and practical conference, Dnipro;
2018 – Endoprosthetics of the hip joint, Belgium;
2018 – Participation in the 19th EFFORT Congress, Barcelona, Spain;
2018 – The latest technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of sepsis, Zaporizhzhia;
2019 – 12th Ukrainian Marketing Forum;
2020 – The latest technologies in regenerative medicine. The use of adipose tissue in orthopedics and traumatology, Dnipro;
2020 – Treatment of foot diseases 2020, Dnipro;
2021 – Active participation in the Forum of owners and managers of private clinics, Odesa;
2021 – New trends and tendencies in foot treatment, Dnipro;
2021 – Treatment of foot diseases, Dnipro;
2023 – New trends and trends in the treatment of the knee joint, Dnipro.