Plastic surgery in Dnipro

Plastic surgery is a field of medicine that is in demand by both men and women. Anyone who has congenital or acquired defects in appearance, such as scars or neoplasms, can use the services of a plastic surgeon. In addition, the surgeon will help you resolve issues with appearance correction safely and quickly, if there are no obvious appearance flaws, and you just want to improve it.

Indications for plastic surgery at N1 Clinic

In general, plastic surgery can be divided into two areas:

  • surgical intervention if there are medical indications,
  • aesthetic surgery.

Therefore, patients may require plastic surgery for various reasons:

  • congenital defects in appearance,
  • consequences of autoimmune diseases,
  • age-related changes,
  • consequences of injuries and operations,
  • desire to emphasize or improve your appearance,
  • a need to radically change appearance.

The main requests from patients for changes are:

  • face oval,
  • wrinkles around the eyes,
  • breast shape and size,
  • nose shape,
  • ear shape,
  • belly shape,
  • shape of hips and buttocks,
  • scars and stretch marks.

Types of plastic surgeries we do at N1 Clinic

A plastic surgeon at N1 Clinic performs operations such as:

  • blepharoplasty: plastic surgery of the lower and/or upper eyelids,
  • plastic surgery and eyebrow lifting,
  • facelifting,
  • otoplasty: change of the ears shape, suturing the earlobes, for example, when stretching holes from earrings,
  • abdominoplasty: tummy tuck, often after intensive weight loss and childbirth,
  • aesthetic correction of breast volume and shape,
  • mastopexy: breast lift,
  • labiaplasty: aesthetic correction of the labia,
  • scar correction,
  • removal of skin tumors, for example, nevi, atheromas, papillomas, lipomas.

The stages of preparation for plastic surgery at the N1 Clinic in Dnipro

At the N1 Clinic, a plastic surgeon will guide you through the following stages of preparation for plastic surgery:

  • consultation,
  • clinical examination,
  • consultation with an anesthesiologist,
  • cosmetic and medicinal preparation for surgery.

During the consultation, the plastic surgeon:

  • evaluates the indications and the need for surgery,
  • selects the optimal plan and scope of the operation,
  • predicts real results, taking into account your wishes,
  • assesses the risks during the operation and tell you about them in detail,
  • provides detailed information about the features and recovery time after surgery.

Only after this, you can plan the date of the operation with your doctor.

The price of plastic surgery in Dnipro

The cost of the operation is discussed with the plastic surgeon during the consultation, as many factors influence it, such as the complexity and extent of the operation, as well as the quality of the materials used.

The experience and professionalism of the specialist who performs the operation also affects the final price. But this is a guarantee that you will get a stable and reliable result,which the surgeon is responsible for.

The advantages of plastic surgery at N1 Clinic

Plastic surgery at N1 Clinic means:

  • international treatment standards and only modern approaches to operations,
  • high level of qualification of doctors,
  • modern equipment for operations and only high-quality surgical materials,
  • no traces after surgery,
  • fast recovery,
  • comfortable conditions of hospital stay,
  • only an individual approach to each patient.

Our plastic surgeon will answer any of your questions and recommend the optimal plan for the operation and recovery period. Do not delay solving your queries and sign up for a consultation with our specialist.