Flat valgus foot deformity

A flat valgus foot deformity is a condition when the foot becomes flat and moves inward. This can lead to improper weight distribution on the foot and cause a variety of symptoms. It can be caused by a variety of reasons, including genetic factors, injury, illness, or improper footwear. The treatment for the flat valgus […]

Varicose veins

Varicose veins are a condition when the veins become dilated, tortuous, and protruded on the surface of the skin. With varicose veins, veins lose their elasticity and become thinner, which leads to poor blood circulation and the formation of blood clots. This can cause severe pain, swelling, cramps, and fatigue in the legs. Treatment for […]

Hip replacement

A hip replacement is a type of orthopedic surgery to replace a damaged hip joint with an artificial joint. During surgery, the surgeon removes the damaged part of the hip joint and replaces it with an artificial prosthetic part made of metal, plastic, or ceramic. Hip replacement surgery significantly improves the quality of life for […]

Knee arthroplasty or total knee replacement

A knee arthroplasty is a knee replacement surgery that replaces a damaged or worn-out knee with an artificial joint. It is used when a destruction of bone and cartilage tissue is causing pain and a significant deterioration in quality of life or does not respond to conservative treatment. A prosthesis completely follows the anatomical shape […]


A facelift is a plastic surgery procedure, that is used to correct signs of aging and sagging skin on a face and a neck. During the facelift, a surgeon makes small incisions in the area of ​​the temporal bones and ears, then tightens skin and subcutaneous fat tissue, removes excess, and fixes them in a […]

Spinal stabilization

A spinal stabilization is a type of orthopedic surgery to correct spinal instability that occurs due to an injury, a degenerative spinal disease, an infection, or tumors. A spinal instability leads to pain, limited movement, the decreased quality of life, and can even threaten the patient’s life. The spinal stabilization surgery helps restore spinal function. […]


Needling or a needle aponeurotomy is one of the most effective soft tissue treatments, where thin needles are inserted into the skin and subcutaneous tissue to stimulate collagen and improve circulation. Also, needles can be inserted into the dense fibrous membranes surrounding the muscles, which are called aponeuroses. This method is used for pain and […]


Osteosynthesis or metal osteosynthesis is a method of surgical treatment in orthopedics for bone fractures, when a doctor uses metal plates, knitting needles, screws, nails and other elements to fix bone fragments in the correct position, allowing them to heal. This method helps speed up the bone healing process and shorten the recovery period after […]


Blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery is a type of plastic surgery to correct the appearance of the eyelids or, in simple words, eyelid lift. It can be performed on the lower or upper eyelid, or simultaneously on both. Blepharoplasty is used to eliminate various age-related changes, giving a patient a young and fresh appearance, as well […]